Introducing "Mastering Growth" - A New Podcast from Visify

marketing podcast Nov 13, 2017

This post originally appeared on my agency blog (Visify), here.

My business partner, Jim, and I just finished recording the first few episodes of our new business and marketing podcast, "Mastering Growth" - and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you!

The official blurb goes like this: “Get your weekly dose of actionable marketing advice and training from the team behind some of the world's most successful online experts and thought leaders. Your hosts, Lucas Garvin (that's me!) and Jim Hohl, will cover in-demand topics like Growth Optimization, Digital Advertising (Facebook, Google, Youtube and more), Conversion Optimization, Sales, and Entrepreneurship.”

What that means to you is more of... this. More content, more often and on more channels, so you can consume it however you like, by video, audio or text. (Video coming soon…)

And we will have occasional special guests! We have invited some amazing individuals we have come to know and love...

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